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How to get MFI Certification for Your Brand?

How to get MFI Certification for Your Brand?

MFI is shortened version of Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod, is an Apple MFI program for developers of hardware and software peripherals.

As a brand owner, you may be very interested to get mfi certification for your brand, so that you can use MFI logo on your product. But how to get MFI certification for your brand?

First, you need to contact a factory which got Apple MFI Manufacturing License, you can get the latest MFI Manufacturing License list here. Now there are 590 manufacturers around the world who got MFI manufacturing licenses.

Note: MFI manufacturing License is only available for the factory, if you can find the company on the MFI manufacturing license list, there is no doubt that the company is the factory but not a trading company, because Apple needs to do a factory audit to see if the company meets their requirement.

Below are the steps that mfi certified manufacturer will do to help you get MFI Certification.


  1. Submit the product plan (includes product description, your company name, brand, EAN code, compatible model, design of product, etc)
  2. Apple will review the product plan, if they think product plan is workable, then they will approve the product plan.
  3. The factory will prepare the samples, run certification assistant, submit the self-certification form.
  4. Choose the test Lab, UL and GRL are available.
  5. Print packing list, it will indicate how many pcs of samples you need to prepared and where the samples will be sent to.
  6. Send samples to the test lab, and make the payment to the test lab, the cost usually is 600 USD. The test lab will start samples audit after receive the payment.
  7. The test lab will submit the test result to the Apple Portal after the test finished, this takes 3-7 working days. If the samples passed the test, then congratulation, the most difficult parts already finished. If the samples failed during the test, then the factory have start from step 3 again, also it means they have to make another 600 usd payment.
  8. Submit the product packaging to apple for review, once the packaging is approved, the processes for mfi certification is finished.

There are lots of requirements on packaging, we will introduce to you at next article.

After all these steps are finished, the manufacturer is able to start mass production for your products. Once an accessory has completed MFi certification requirements and is reported to Apple as sold/distributed by the manufacturer it will be searchable in our public database of authorized Lightning, headset, charging, and iAP-based MFi accessories.

As a MFI certified factory, we also can help you get mfi certification for your brand. Welcome to contact us to request the MFI cable price-lists

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