How do we guarantee the quality?

As a factory, we produced 20-30k pcs USB cable every day, do you know how we guarantee all the cables are working well before sending out. Today we would like to show you how we test the cable during mass production.

We did many times test during the mass production.

First, after soldering the connector, we will do a test on each cable, once there is a defective cable, we can fix it very quickly.

Second, we will test all the cables again after injection.

Third, we will test all the cables after assembling the shell. The staff will also check the appearance during the production. There are 3 IPQC to inspect the goods during mass production.

Fourth, the cables will move to the FQC to do the last test before packaging. The FQC will follow  MIL-STD-105E standard or even more strict standards to do a test on each batch of USB cable. After all of those steps are done, we will arrange the cables packed as customers’ requirements. 

Finally, after all the cables are packed well in the master carton, the QC will randomly choose some cables to do the last test from the master carton. 

Do you understand now? Welcome to contact us to request the price list

MIL-STD-105E USB Cable test

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