wholesale mfi certified iphone lightning cable manufacturer

Disassemble MFI Lightning Cable

Do you know the iPhone cable you are using every day? Why do some iPhone cables sell at very cheap prices but some sell at a high prices?

Today we would like to disassemble a MFI Certified USB to Lightning cable for you, you may get the answer you want.

This is a 1M/3ft USB A to Lightning Cable, supports 5V 2.4A

wholesale mfi certified iphone lightning cable manufacturer

The lightning connector is C48, so the 8 pins are gold color

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The USB A Connector

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The lightning connector is protected by shielding shell, all the mfi cable lightning connector must use shielding shell to avoid connector broken. With the shielding shell, the lightning connector could stand more than 100N force, Here is the test video we made.

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After removing the shielding shell, we can see the PCB is protected by UV gel, UV gel is used to avoid short-circuit or broken during the injection

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We also can see the inner braided inside the cable

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