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iPhone 14 Pro may use USB C Charging Port

A leaker claimed that Apple will use a USB C port instead of a lightning port on the iPhone 14 Pro, shared by LeaksApplePro (via iDropNews)

There are 3 reasons that Apple would like to use USB C port on the iPhone

  1. USB C Port provides high-speed data transfer

The lightning cable transfer speed is USB 2.0 480Mbps. But the USB C port supports up to 20Gbps data transfer. It takes more than 3 hours to transfer a 2 hour 4k Apple ProRes video from iPhone to laptop, but with USB c technology, it could be done within 3 minutes

  1. Legal Issues

The European Union are pushing USB C ports in all device to protect the environment, Those company who are not following the rule will be fined.

  1. Protect Environment

As one of the top-rank companies in the world, social responsibility is Apple’s core value. If all the devices are using the USB C port, people could use a USB C to USB C cable for all the devices, no need to buy extra USB C to lightning cable or USB A to lightning cable for their iPhone, this move will help the environment a lot.

Do you expect to see that iPhone will use the USB C port on iPhone?

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