Apple Vision Pro Battery

Apple Vision Pro Battery

During the Chinese New Year holiday in 2024, which was also the time when Apple Vision Pro head-mounted glasses started to ship in large quantities, domestic and foreign top digital bloggers participated in this “cyber spring festival” feast, bringing various Apple Vision Pro head-mounted glasses unboxing, experience, disassembly and other content, and the information about the Apple Vision Pro external battery that powers the device also gradually surfaced.

apple vision pro battery life

Apple Vision Pro Battery has three battery cell strings with a total capacity of 9498mAh. It has a unique “fat” Lightning output port. The Apple Vision Pro Battery Pack body is made of smooth aluminum alloy, with an apple logo on the body, and the overall texture is close to the MacBook shell. The whole machine weighs about 353g. As a reference, a common 10000mAh power bank in the market typically weighs around 180g-220g, highlighting the Apple Vision Pro Battery’s weight equivalent to approximately two 10000mAh power banks.

apple vision pro battery pack

On the front, the surface extends smoothly to the edges, forming a flat and rounded overall appearance. The back has a cover with details like Model: A2787, Output: 13V6A Max (78W), Input: 5-20.3V3.3A, all laser-engraved. (67W) Max, Capacity: 3166mAh / 35.9Wh (9498mAh).

apple vision pro external battery

In terms of interface, the Apple Vision Pro Battery has a USB-C charging port on the side, which is used to charge itself. and supports the USB PD fast charging protocol, with a maximum input power of 67W. The output port features a specially designed “embedded” structure with a self-locking mechanism, ensuring a flush fit with the housing during normal usage.

battery life apple vision pro

The output cable of the Apple Vision Pro Battery is made of twisted and mixed weaving, and its material is the same as the new generation braided wire of the iPhone, but the thickness of the cable is much thicker than the iPhone charger cable. On the left side of the output port is the unlock pinhole, and on the right is the power indicator light. Inserting a SIM card pin or similar tool into the pinhole unlocks the internal self-locking structure for removing the output connector.

vision pro battery connectors

In terms of structure, the output connector is large in size and made of metal with the same craftsmanship as the external battery. There are grooves on both sides of the terminal for the self-locking structure to lock. The plug of the output terminal is referred to as the “fat” Lightning, similar in design to the obsolete Lightning connector on iPhone 15 and iPad, but 1.5 times wider with 12 pins instead of 8, indicating higher performance limits for data communication or power transmission.

vision pro battery connector

From left to right, the connectors include the Lightning connector, the Apple Vision Pro Battery external power pack cable connector, and the Apple Vision Pro headset strap interface.

The Apple Vision Pro’s battery boasts unique specifications catering to its specialized functions:

Capacity: While the exact milliampere-hour (mAh) rating remains undisclosed by Apple, reports suggest it’s around 9,498 mAh. This might seem modest compared to its size and weight, but there’s a crucial difference.

High Voltage Output: Unlike typical phone batteries operating at 3.8V, the Apple Vision Pro’s battery delivers a maximum output of 13V and 6A. This significantly higher voltage allows it to power the device’s demanding features, including:

LiDAR Scanner and high-resolution cameras for accurate depth perception and object recognition.

Spatial audio features for immersive sound experiences.

Eye tracking technology for precise interactions.

Apple Vision Pro Battery Life:

Up to 2 hours of general use: This encompasses various activities like browsing, video calls, and basic interactions.

Up to 2.5 hours of video playback: Enjoy extended viewing without frequent charging interruptions.

Additional Points:

The battery is detachable and rechargeable, allowing for easy swaps when needed.

Apple Vision Pro can be used while charging, ensuring uninterrupted use during extended sessions.

The separate battery weighs 353 grams, contributing to the overall weight of the device.

It’s important to remember that these are official specifications provided by Apple and might vary depending on usage patterns and individual settings.

In summary, the Apple Vision Pro Battery external power pack is a dedicated accessory for the Apple Vision Pro. It features a USB-C interface that supports 67W PD fast charging input and a new self-locking “fat” Lightning output, capable of a peak output power of 78W. The internal battery pack is composed of three Huizhou Desai 3166mAh battery cells in series, with a total capacity of 9498mAh,, and the overall weight is roughly equivalent to two commonly seen 10000mAh power banks.

There are rumors that the Apple Vision Pro Battery external power pack will come in three capacity variants, with the 9498mAh version being the first released. It is speculated that Apple may later open up to third-party accessory manufacturers, similar to the MFi certification, to enrich the Apple Vision Pro ecosystem.

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