Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector

Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector  

When you connect a Lightning cable or an accessory to your “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector” and you’re not sure why. The alert started during iOS 14.6 and the issue continues in iOS 15. In this article, We’ll explain what to do when your iPhone says there’s liquid in its Lightning connector!

There are several reason may cause the alert.

1. Your iPhone or lightning cables is wet.

In this situation, you just need to dry your iPhone and lightning cable. You can take your iPhone with lightning port facing down in a dry area. Try to connect the iPhone with lightning cable after an hour. If the alert still happened, leave the iPhone and lightning cable more several hours until they are fully dry.

2. Your iPhone and lightning cable are not wet.

This may caused by the third party lightning cable, try to use original Apple cable or mfi certified iPhone cable. Also be ware of that some mfi certified lightning cable may not really mfi cable with original connector.

3. The IOS system bug.

The popup still happened even your iPhone and lightning cable are not wet and the accessories are original, you can try to reboot the iPhone or downgrade the system to an earlier IOS version

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