Magsafe 3 VS Magsafe 2 charging cable

Magsafe 3 VS Magsafe 2

What is the difference between Magsafe 2 and 3

Magsafe 2 and Magsafe 3 are types of connectors used for charging Apple laptops. What is the difference between Magsafe 2 and 3

what is the difference between Magsafe 2 and 3

One of the main differences between the two connectors is their size and shape.

Magsafe 2 connectors are larger and have a slightly different shape than Magsafe 3 connectors, which are smaller and more streamlined.
MagSafe 2 was slimmer than the original MagSafe connector, and MagSafe 3 appears even slightly thinner than that, but a tiny bit wider. Because of these changes in size, the new MagSafe is not backward compatible with the previous generations.

magsafe 3 vs 2
magsafe 3 charging macbook pro cable
magsafe 3 cable for macbook
macbook pro magsafe 3 charging cable

Magsafe 3 connector size: Length: 18.78mm, Height: 4.5mm, Width: 13.21mm

macbook magsafe 2 charging cable
magsafe 2 vs 3 cable
magsafe 2 vs magsafe 3 cable

Magsafe 2 connector size: Length: 17.07mm, Height: 5.33mm, Width: 12.92mm

factory supply magsafe charging 3 cable
magsafe 2 vs 3 charging cable factory

Magsafe 3 cable is 2m long, magsafe 2 cable is 1.8m long

Magsafe 3 is able to supply the stronger power than Magsafe 2

Magsafe 2 is capable of delivering up to 87 watts of power and is used to charge the battery and power the device. Magsafe 3 is capable of delivering up to 140 watts power to Macbook Pro

magsafe 3 charging cable factory

Magsafe 3 cable is individual with charger

Magsafe 3 cable haven’t build in charger like Magsafe 2 cable, the other end is USB C connector, if the cable is broken, you just need to buy a new cable, it will save the cost once the charger or cable is broken

magsafe 3 vs magsafe 2

Magsafe 2 cable build in the chargers, once the cable or charger broken, then you have to buy a new charger with magsafe 2 cables

magsafe 2 charging cable for macbook

Magsafe 3 includes a small LED light that indicates when the laptop is charging. It is the same as MagSafe 2

magsafe 2 vs 3

In terms of functionality, both Magsafe 2 and Magsafe 3 connectors are used to charge the MacBook laptop. However, the Magsafe 3 connector is not compatible with devices that use the Magsafe 2 connector, and vice versa

magsafe 2 cable

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